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The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model
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The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model

Publication date: May 1, 2013
The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model
Adopt the teacher evaluation model that does more than measure teacher effectiveness: it provides a tool to develop teacher effectiveness. States, districts, and schools across North America choose to implement the Marzano model for its credibility, its emphasis on what happens in the classroom, and its usefulness as a tool to develop teacher efficacy. This whitepaper outlines the model and includes significant implementation tools.

The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model examines 60 elements designed to inform the instructional practices of teachers across four domains.
  • Domain 1: Classroom Strategies and Behaviors
  • Domain 2: Planning and Preparing
  • Domain 3: Reflecting on Teaching
  • Domain 4: Collegiality and Professionalism

Choose a model tested in the literature and in practice. The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model was designed using thousands of studies conducted over 50 years and published in books that have been widely used by K–12 educators around the world. In addition, Marzano Research’s action research to perform experimental/control studies on the model have established more direct causal linkages with enhanced student achievement than can be made with other types of data analysis. Learn how this model can transform teacher evaluation into teacher development for your school.

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