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Personalized Competency-Based Education

Reinventing Schools has a learner-centered approach to personalized competency-based education. Progress is based on demonstration of mastery, not seat time, grade level, or age. When students are proficient, they can move ahead in the curriculum, doing deeper and more advanced work. When they struggle, they can take their time to truly master the content, instead of rushing to the next unit or grade only to fall behind later because they lack foundational skills.

In a personalized competency-based education system:

  • Students become leaders of their learning.
  • Teachers become facilitators and partners.
  • Students must demonstrate mastery before advancing to the next level.
  • The pathway from level to level—and ultimately to graduation—is transparent to everyone.

Reinventing Schools

We have a unique approach to competency-based education that ensures student success.

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