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Becoming a Reflective Teacher

Online Course
Becoming a Reflective Teacher
Robert J. Marzano

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  1. Becoming a Reflective Teacher

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Becoming a Reflective Teacher 3 Semester Hour
Becoming a Reflective Teacher CEU

CEU Online Course Syllabus

3 Semester Hour Online Course Syllabus

Develop teaching expertise by implementing reflective processes to examine your practice, set growth goals, and use focused practice and feedback to achieve those goals. Dr. Marzano shows how to reflect on your teaching strengths and weaknesses in relation to nine critical questions, provides methods to systematize your reflection process, and explains how to use focused strategies to achieve your goals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Conduct a complete self-audit of your practice.
  • Articulate growth goals.
  • Pursue growth goals through the establishing of protocols and focused strategies.
  • Solicit feedback from students and colleagues.
  • Improve your practice through the reflection process.

CEU Version

  • 35–45 contact hours
  • Two months to complete

3 Semester Hour Version

  • 45–50 contact hours
  • Three months to complete

District Version

  • 10–50 contact hours
  • Four months to complete


Can I work at my own pace? Every course is self-paced and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I work on the course on my iPad or iPhone? No. The course videos require Flash, which is not compatible with the iPad or iPhone.

How is my work on the course scored? Each course is scored differently and contains a combination of coursework, participant reflection, quizzes, activities, and more. Only the 3 Semester Hour and district versions have a midterm and a final exam.

For more information about this course and special options for district purchase, please call 800.733.6786.

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